Reiki is the Japanese phrase for "universal life energy,". Reiki is a hands-on healing practice. Reiki - universal life energy - is channeled through the practitioner's hands for self-treatment or treatment of others. Reiki is used to enhance the health and well-being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual of the individual. Reiki works completematry with those who are in treatment or recovery of any health condition. You can find Reiki being done all over, even in hospitals and hospice. Reiki Promotes healing and stress reduction. Reiki is great for children, adults, plants and animals.

In Reiki there are 5 precepts for daily living, they are: 

Just for Today

Do Not Anger

Do Not Worry

Be Truthful

Do Your Duties Fully

Be Kind

Be Grateful


Usui/Holy Fire Level One - You will understand the history, theory and practice of Reiki. You receive level one placement as you connect with the energy of Reiki. You will learn the Benefits of Reiki, and how to begin to give self-treatment using REIKI. Energy clearing techniques will be shared. *Before we can heal others we have to begin with our selves, which is all what level one is about. - 8hrs course 

Usui/Holy Fire Level Two - You will continue to learn more practice, as you are now introduce to elements that are focused on clearing and emotional healing. Here is when you will receive the sacred symbols that are used to promote healing. Its in this level where you will learn how to treat others and how to provide a full treatment service. You will practice giving Reiki to those in the community with the support of the instucture and learn how to build a bussiness doing Reiki. You will learn additional techniques in Reiki (How to send distance healing) and understand more of the power of Reiki. - 8hrs Course.

Usui/Holy Fire Advance/Master Level - It is where you will overview all that you have learned of Reiki. It is here where you receive your final Reiki placement with its energy at the Master Level. You will practice Reiki on those in the community and practice self healing treatments. This is when you take the practice of the others levels and develop the skills to teach others if you choose to do so or take what you learn at this level to continue on your own healing journey. Not everyone who takes this level wants to teach and that is okay too. Each Time to you take a Reiki Course your energy enhances and life shifts in beauiful ways. - 3 Day experience 

Office Space 

 Om Namo - Cambridge, MA 

Blue Dragonfly Wellness Center LLC - North Kingstown, RI

Services at Home

Receive treatment in the comfort of your home. Sessions can be done in-person or with distance Reiki